Serving Live FoodsServing Live Foods

Everyone raves about the foods. Here are some of the comments.

"Everyone at the festival thinks that your food is the best--
Thank you for all your hard work." Colleen & Doug

"Divine healing foods.  Yeah!"  Joe Best  London, ENGLAND

"Your food is outstanding.  I ate at your booth every day! Thanks so much for always adding the most important ingredient... Love!"
Cherie Soria, Director & founder of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute
Ft. Bragg, CA.  Author of
Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies

"Divine-whole life food experience!"
Robert Selby, owner of Alive eating    Baltimore, MD

"The Kwatamani's make the Best live food on the planet.... It's that simple."
Habib Bailey, President and co-founder of the Raw and Living Foods Festival Association; founder of the Portland School of Natural Hygeine    Portland, OR

"Thank you for being a wonderful addition to the raw foods festival (2001). The foods prepared with love at your space in the food court are wonderful, tasty, and visually inviting."
Nancy L. Wells    Portland, OR

"Great stuff!!!  Nice Folks!!!"
Helen King    Silver Creek, WA

"Incredible gourmet food.  Lovely people!"
Solange Laurin        Lorraine City, P.Q.   CANADA

"Kwatamani's raw and living foods are very innovative, creative, tasty, and divine!... the marinated greens are a taster's dream!
Thank you for providing for us--raw and living foods patrons!"
Linda Mohan   New Westminster, B.C.  CANADA

"Supremely delicious food! Totally yummy!"
Michele Rogalin   Bothell, WA

"This food was so exquisite that every bite made my insides hum & my eyes roll back in my head!"
Sadie Johnston    Sand Point, ID

"Your food is divine, it is food for my body, mind, & spirit. Thank you!"
Trudy J. Olson, Natural Eyesight Institute    McKenna, WA

"Thank you for the best, most soul-satisfying raw meal yet!"
Iona Singleton    Soquel, CA

"Awesome! Please contact me regarding a large turn out for spea[king] and dinners made by you in L.A.
Believe me, it will be amazing."
Nece Mills    Venice, CA