Kwatamani Family Community

The Kwatamani Family Community is a spiritual community and an official 501(d) organization.  High Priest Kwatamani is the founder, Chairman of the Board, and Supreme Spiritual Leader of the Kwatamani Family Community, which is administered by the Kwatamani Royal Family.


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October 2013, Sacred Ancestral Unification at the Kwatamani Sacred Ancestral Sanctuary

rainforest garden
growing organic/veganic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, herbs, and spices


The specific objective and purpose of the Kwatamani Family Community is the establishment of a divine social-economic family community founded upon, and governed by, the principles of Supreme Love, Righteousness, and the Holistic Living Truth About Supreme Love through the perpetuation of a holistic living way of life, raw and living foods consumption, and divine spirit consciousness.

avocado treefruit treecoconut tree
 Fruits of the Trees of Life in a tropical paradise