Brother Gregory
by Gregory Fitzpatrick

Being born in a skeptical world you learn to "never let your guard down" and to "watch your back." Therefore, I first viewed the High Priest Kwatamani and the Kwatamani family with skepticism. But with each gathering with the Kwatamani family, which included talks, lectures, and dialogues with the High Priest, the walls of skepticism began to crumble. And when I began reading his works, the remaining walls of skepticism crashed. The brother is nothing but love! Truth is truth, regardless of source. Much of the truth the High Priest Kwatamani writes and speaks on are also documented by other authors, for example, Jiddu Krishnamurti.

I've heard the High Priest Kwatamani brainwashes people. Think about it. If you were raised with a certain religious inclination, whether biblical or non-biblical, the argument could be made that you were brainwashed to believe and worship a deity in a certain way. Especially, if no alternative thought process was presented to you for consideration.


As for myself, I was raised and brainwashed from a biblical standpoint. I remember my parents forcing me as a child to go to church whether I agreed or not. I was never exposed to any other way of thinking. Don't get me wrong – I love my parents dearly and they did what they did out of love using the best knowledge they had at the time. But as I grew older and learned to think for myself, what I was taught spiritually just didn't make sense. I lost 7 to 10 years of my life trying to figure out religion. For example some of my conclusions are:

If God is love from the biblical sense, why should anyone be sentenced to hell?

  • If a person intrinsically carries out the ten commandments as a part of his daily life (i.e. being a rational person he knows not to kill, steal, etc.) but does not worship god, he is going to hell according to the bible. Even if an individual acts out of pure love for his fellow man – feeding the hungry, sheltering the unsheltered, loving the unloved, helping the unhelped – but he does not believe in God in the biblical sense, why should he go to hell just because he does not worship God?
  • If a child is raised in the ghetto where all he sees is hate, crime with poor parental guidance and as a teenager or adult he mimics his environment and lives a life of crime, why should he go to hell? He hasn't had the opportunity to grow up in a wholesome environment. Not all products of this environment turn out this way, but the odds are against it compared to a child raised in a wholesome, nurturing environment.

Many people say my religion is right, yours is wrong. Therefore, you're going to my hell if I'm right, or I'm going to yours if I wrong. This doesn't make sense to me.

I'm not being disrespectful to anyone's religion, but this is how I view things as described above. The writings of Jiddu Krishnamurti went a long way in my figuring out religion and what life is about. I wish the High Priest's writings were available during that time too. I even went to Africa to get into another perspective on life, environment, lifestyle, and way of thinking. I traveled parts of Africa for about a year and taught at the University of Liberia. Again, I wish the High Priest's writings were available during that time. The High Priest Kofi Kwatamani shows you the truth, and lets you make your own decision. He NEVER forces. He has changed my life for the better, forever!

The High Priest mentions people asking about an application for membership in gathering as a community. It's not about filling out a piece of paper. It's about what kind of heart you come forth with!

If you do read the High Priest Kwatamani's works, be careful not to misinterpret the meaning of words. For example the word "guru," which can be used to describe the High Priest, means spiritual teacher and giving life guidance. Western society has made it out to mean blindly following or even worshipping an individual and his ideas. The High Priest is not this.

What you put out, you get back. The High Priest puts out truth, love, non-materialism and spirituality. This is what he gets back. You can see it in his family! His family is truly divinely-oriented.

I look forward to the bimonthly, vegetarian live raw food feasts. It provides a peaceful ambiance, good people, good conversation and, last but not least, a meal with a large variety of raw foods that taste so good you wouldn't believe it! For example, the thought of eating raw collard greens can turn you off! But I always try to be objective and open minded about everything I do. So I tried them, and after that it was all over! I cleaned my plate! It's amazing how raw collards can be prepared to taste so good. Each meal has brought to my amazement how good raw foods can be prepared to taste. My thanks to the Kwatamani sisters for the time, effort, and love they have put into each meal. Not only does the meal taste outstandingly good, but also you can see the time, effort and love put into making the meals look attractive. Again, thank you sisters!

In closing, to repeat an earlier statement, the High Priest Kwatamani has hanged my life for the better, forever! He will do the same for you. Just isten and read his works objectively.

The above testimonial is by Gregory Fitzpatrick. He is a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He majored in mathematics with a minor in computer science, and graduated Cum Laude. He is currently a contract computer programmer/analyst.

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