Sister Jackie
by Jackie Graff
November 17, 1999

It was great to see you and your family this weekend (at the Whole Life Expo). I want to thank you for your motivation and inspiration. Reading your new book, Live Foods The First Divine Act and Requirement of a Holistic Living Way of Life, Saturday motivated me to move completely to an exclusively live foods diet. As a nurse, I see the results of the American diet.

For the past 10–12 years we have been very interested in nutrition and improving our diet. We have progressed from a carnivorous cooked foods diet to our present 100% live foods diet. We were introduced to the live food way of eating 1½ years ago. Since then, we have been attempting to rid ourselves of the cooked food addiction. We did rid our diet of sugar and white flour…. Marshmallows! We have used many "games" as you call them.… I need tofu in my diet. Then, with the tofu, I cooked vegetables. Imagine killing all those wonderful gifts from God. A baked potato won't hurt.... A little brown rice is not bad.... and If we eat only whole grains cooked: whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread etc., etc., etc.... We have always in the 1½ years been consuming fresh, live, and juiced fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, and periodically cookies we made from soaked and sprouted grains. We have even been on a 12-day juice fast.


Lately, I had noticed that our diet was shifting more and more to the cooked. It is so addictive. We even went through a phase of eating raw dairy. I made our own raw goat cheese…from loved and cared-for goats. Gideon's cholesterol was very high, so we gave up the raw cheeses for cooked tofu. Thank God we quit eating meat a long time ago.

Saturday night when we got home from the Whole Life Expo, I started reading Live Foods, and as I consumed your words, I think I was really looking for something to motivate me to eat only living foods. We had been fooling ourselves by saying that we were eating a live foods diet…. Or almost…. Probably 75% live. Probably less. Playing the games… You know, people are never truly honest about their age, weight, or the percentage of live food they are eating. As I continued to read, there it was: the live food I was eating was being nullified by the cooked food that I was consuming. I was putting myself back at ground zero. As with any addiction, the best way to quit is cold turkey. The next morning I told Gideon that I had decided to eat 100% living food and did he want to also? We are now unified in a 100% living food relationship. Thank you so much. Also, thankfully, we are both very healthy and are not making this change out of desperation to cure a fatal disease. All too often those who do revert back when they are well and feeling good.

I love to cook and am considered a gourmet cook by many. Now I am a gourmet live food preparer! I know that a live food diet is not for everyone, just the Divine and Sacred Few that have seen the light and the living truth. Thank you again for your motivation and inspiration.

With the spirit of love,

Jackie Graff, RN, B.S.N. and live