Brother Bill
By Brother Bill Steinberg
of the Kwatamani Experience

I testify that the Kwatamani experience has transformed me. On a physical level, I have lost over 50 pounds, eliminated a flop-over belly as well as occasional headaches and muscle pains. On the mental level, I would worry a lot and be depressed. Would I get a job in time? Is life worth living? Is getting up, going to work, watching TV and going to bed all there is?

As a child, I went to Hebrew school where we learned about the relationships between God and his people. These folks had a one-on-one relationship with God. You know, like good friends. I asked the teacher and the rabbi why God was available for them, but not for us, or specifically me. It was explained that that was a special time, but we get a consolation prize of just reading about it. But I wanted to DO IT. I wanted to experience God directly, so that I would see why this praise was warranted first hand.

When I was a young child, I tasted canned beets, and they were yucky. Later, I tried raw beets straight, and they were delicious.I figured out that adults were stupid to take a raw, yummy beet and destroy it with heat and canning until it was inedible. Why did my mother buy it?


I never really fit in anywhere until I connected with the live food community. I never partied, rarely drunk beer, and didn't really understand football. What I understood was that the commentary was interesting, not the action. I felt like an outcast, not drawn to do the normal things like smoke marijuana, watch movies, etc. After going through many jobs, I somehow was drawn to Atlanta as it is a secondary information technology city. And I needed the money.

After college, I joined IBM where I saw this book, Fruit, the Food and Medicine for Man, by Morris Krok, so I just ate sweet fruits, not knowing that bell peppers, zucchini and tomatoes are fruits and that seeds, nuts and vegetables are also required. At IBM's cafeteria, I would bring six whole grapefruits and down them during lunch. It must have looked weird to others, but I never did care what others thought. After three months, I gave up and resumed eating normal foods.

A couple of years ago, I was drawn to getting healthy, so I "decided" to run/walk a 10k race in Cobb County, Georgia. Through a complicated series of events, I attended a Juice Plus meeting where Dr. Joe Esposito expounded on the raw foods and Natural Hygiene. This made sense. I went to the Internet and found David Wolfe's website, ordered the Intro package, and went back on a grapefruit diet. After four days, a powerful detox hit. My stomach was dropping acid (not LSD), and I had to breathe through the pain. I was schvitzing (sweating) a storm, but recognized this as a detox and welcomed it, pain and all.

I contacted various raw food authors by email about support groups in Atlanta, and one responded that there was this "High Priest" Kwatamani in Atlanta. Well, if the High Priest was into living food and could help me, that was enough.

We corresponded by email until he invited me to a feast. Hey, anytime I can get good food prepared by others, I'll take it. The center was in the inner city, and I was afraid, but I was going to enjoy the feast. The food was delicious, and the message from the High Priest was motivational. I read the books (three times please) [written by the High Priest] and would argue with the High Priest (after reading the books only one to two times). I thought that this [way of life] was just all about the food. I learned that the food was just the start.

Each step was difficult. Giving up 100% of cooked food was tough, but my persistence paid off. Then came humility, where I was provided the perfect environment at a new job where two ladies were in my team and would take no crap from me. They were ideal in developing humility. I thank them.

I have learned to really live each day to its fullest, to mostly stop worrying, live up to my principles, and enjoy each moment. I have learned to welcome mistakes and the opportunity they provide. I see that the best is yet to come and that this life is a game of "Problem-Solution" where a problem is provided, and we get to define what it is and provide a solution, then on to the next problem. I am experiencing my childhood goal of connecting with God, except we use the neutral term, "The Most High." It is clear that Divinity is emerging for me, and that all the Universe is guiding me to be all that I am supposed to be.

Much Love,

Brother Bill