Life Allegiance

Greetings High Priest, Royal Sisterhood and Family,

It is indeed a great honor and pleasure for me to be of some support to that of which you represent, and are being the example of.. For I strive daily in each moment to always acknowledge and be a divine reflection in the vibration of that sacred ancestral spirit of life, thanks to your divine teachings and example; I remain steadfast, with the will to live and be more as you have shown me, For I know that  we as a people in order to advance and have life more abundantly  we must respect life, live and work to be all that we were naturally and divinely born to be in the  primary purpose of life,  this is true  for self and also our collective. For sure I am one of the divine and sacred few and I realize that it is in these principles of life, by which we  as a people can attain to our highest sustain abilty and viabilty, for our human dignity and humanity, our true nature and power to be self determine, indigenous and free on this planet and land, land of our sacred ancestors, the mound builders,the ancient ones,divine and sacred few,  I am inspired by this truth and my life is the better for it,  In the Spirt of Supreme love, my support is with you always. May the Power and Laws of and for  Life continue to sustain, surround  protect and keep you, and all of us who acknowledge and work in the sacred allegiance to serve life, and as a result will have life more abundantly,(smile).... in all things we aspire for the best to come forward  So In keeping in the spirt of  Supreme Love,   I'll be in touch.


Brother Gregory
by Gregory Fitzpatrick

Being born in a skeptical world you learn to "never let your guard down" and to "watch your back." Therefore, I first viewed the High Priest Kwatamani and the Kwatamani family with skepticism. But with each gathering with the Kwatamani family, which included talks, lectures, and dialogues with the High Priest, the walls of skepticism began to crumble. And when I began reading his works, the remaining walls of skepticism crashed. The brother is nothing but love! Truth is truth, regardless of source. Much of the truth the High Priest Kwatamani writes and speaks on are also documented by other authors, for example, Jiddu Krishnamurti.

I've heard the High Priest Kwatamani brainwashes people. Think about it. If you were raised with a certain religious inclination, whether biblical or non-biblical, the argument could be made that you were brainwashed to believe and worship a deity in a certain way. Especially, if no alternative thought process was presented to you for consideration.